Saturday, December 6, 2008

Democracy and Politics

By Yogendra Yadav
I like a game very much. Whenever i go to some school, i play it there with students. This is a very simple game. First i ask from students: Democracy is good or bad? Almost Everybody raises hand that democracy is indeed a good thing. The second question i ask: Politics is good or bad? and almost everybody replies "bad". Even if one or two students raise their hand, after seeing others they also bring it down. On average the ratio is like while 98 say democracy is good, 2 say that politics is good. Then i ask third question: Is democracy possible without politics?The question is not whether politics is possible without democracy. Of course in Saudi arabia politics is going on without democracy, In pakistan and nepal it was going on without democracy. But anywhere in the world democracy is going on without politics? Is there any place where no political organisation, no opposition, no criticism, no picketing, nothing political is there and still democracy is running smoothely. After some discussion students reply: No democracy can't function without politics. Then i say to them to combine all the three responses: "You are telling Democracy is good, you are telling Politics is bad and you are also telling Democracy can't function without politics. Do you realise what you are really telling?".

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nchandra75 said...

i agree fully with u this is country of idiots & they are increasing in numder here i am not insulting my fellow country man idiots means who only thinking of only himself/just day today needs
politicians bashing is fashoinable good time pass,stress buster
if no good people ready to enter politics then goodas, dishonest other every bad kind go there no place ever remain empty
cheers people like us should enter i am damm serious about it come what may jai hind