Saturday, November 29, 2008

New party clings to minority agenda

Statesman News Service JALPAIGURI, Nov. 24: The president of the newly formed Lok Rajniti Manch, Dr Rajendra Sachhar, today declared here that his organisation would contest in the general elections. He said that the Centre was depriving the people of the minority communities. Speaking at a public meeting organised by the Samajik Nyay Mancha, a united platform for the backward classes and the minority groups, Mr Sachhar said many from the minority and backward classes were still incapable of earning bread in this country. “Around 77 per cent of the people cannot spend 20 rupees a day. Eighty eight per cent of those people are from the Dalit community while 85 per cent are Muslims and 84 per cent are OBCs. Their socio-economic conditions are really grave,” he said.Commenting on the cast reservation system in the Indian Constitution Mr Sachhar said that reservation could not help the development of a backward community. Describing the way of development Mr Sachhar said that the people would have stand en masse in support of their demands. “There are not other options for those people but to fight for their rights,” he added.

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